Skype for Windows 8 Update Adds HD Video Support

Microsoft has updated Skype app for Windows 8 adding support for HD video. And they improved the video messaging feature, which is now in preview. You can download the latest version of this Skype app at Windows Store.

Aga Guzik in the Skype blog post says “We’ve added support for HD video in select scenarios. Depending on the sender’s camera, available network bandwidth and receiver configuration on x86 devices, callers can send 720p video and receive 1080p video, thus improving the overall quality and performance of the video call.”

“With this release, we’ve improved the stability of video messages and made video messages easier to find with improved notifications.”

This update resolves the following issues.

File transfer: Sender’s lost file sent history if app restart before completing sending Crash after sender starts file transfer and returns to conversation.

Call connection: Failed to reconnect in some situations.

Notifications: Failed to click on notification in some situations.

Read the Skype blog post for known issues that have yet to be fixed.

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