Sleeper lets you send your monitor to sleep with a hotkey

If you rely on Windows power options to enter system power saving mode after the specified time to save power and you can also use the power button on the monitor to save more power but Sleeper is a freeware portable tool that allows you to send your monitor to power saving mode with a keyboard shortcut.

Want to disable the Sleep button on the keyboard? here’s how to do it

Using Sleeper

Download and extract the contents of the Sleeper file to a folder. Create a shortcut for the Sleeper executable on the desktop, assign a keyboard shortcut to it, whichever you feel comfortable with, and don’t interfere with other applications by right-clicking the shortcut icon > select Properties > on the Shortcut tab.

Sleeper has no user interface, it sends the “sleep” command to Windows and automatically closes itself, assigns a shortcut to the program and uses it to put your monitor into power saving mode. Press any key on the keyboard or move the mouse to exit power saving mode.

Sleeper works on Windows XP/Vista/7.

Download Sleeper

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