Smooth scrolling for submission with Chrome 49 for Windows and Linux

Finally, Chrome has smooth scrolling feature which will be available for Windows and Linux platforms with Chrome 49 stable. If you are using Chrome canary or dev, you can give it a try.

If the smooth scrolling it’s not that smooth for you so you can turn it off by visiting chrome://flags/#enable-smooth-rolling, expect Google to remove this flag in the future, it’s unclear whether the Chrome team will offer an option in the settings to disable smooth scrolling, which Firefox does.


  1. Visit Chrome://flags in the browser,
  2. Find the ‘Smooth Scrolling’ flag and select off, restart the browser.

An insect or request was sent 8 years ago to add smooth scrolling feature to Chrome browser, until now this feature was available behind the flags, finally we can use it in Chrome with version 49.

As per the Chromium development calendar and release information page, Chrome 49 stable release date is March 8, 2016.

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Note: The Mac version of Chrome currently has keyboard scrolling enabled, but not mouse wheel scrolling (?).

Do you feel scrolling in Chrome is slow and sluggish at the moment? Will you appreciate Google’s efforts to add smooth scrolling to the browser? Are you going to use it or disable it? After all, it is number 8 on the list of old open features and 16th on the most open bug star list.

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