Split and join files with ConcaDec

We recently covered File Splitter & Joiner by Novirusthanks, ConcaDec is yet another freeware portable utility that allows you to split and join files. This app generates Checksum during Split and Concatenation and allows you to pause or cancel splitting and joining files during the process at any time.

Using ConcaDec

Download and extract the program file to a folder and run the ConcaDec executable. This app offers two tabs, Division and Concatenation. The first for splitting files and the second for merging or concatenating fields.

splitting a file: Click “Split” tab and select the file to be split in the input field, files split by this app will be generated without numbered suffix. After specifying the number of files to be split, you can To view output file names and their sizes in the output box by clicking the “Preview” button. Click the “Split” button to start the splitting process.

file division

concatenate files: Click “Concatenate” section, add input files (added files shown in Input file box), select output file name directory and click “Concatenate” button to start concatenation.

file concatenation

At any time during the splitting and joining of the file, you can pause or cancel the process. This app can handle files larger than 4GB and gives you the option to delete the input file after successful splitting and concatenation of the file.

ConcaDec works on Windows XP/Vista/7.

Download ConcaDec

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