Switch ClearType, Disable ClearType Text, and Smooth Edges of Screen Fonts in Windows 7

light type The technology developed by Microsoft for LCD monitors makes visible text sharp on LCD screens and flat monitors, but ClearType makes words look ugly on CRT monitors which you can disable, this technology is enabled by default regardless of monitor type that you are using. It’s not easy for novice users to achieve ClearType and smooth edges of screen font options in Windows 7, ClearType key is freeware application allows you to activate or disable ClearType and smooth edges of screen fonts of a place.

In Windows 7, the ClearType and Smooth edge of screen fonts options are available in different locations. To access the ClearType option>Right-click on the desktop>Personalize>Display>Adjust ClearType Text.

ClearType Text Tuner in Windows 7

For another option, open Control Panel, look for Performance and Tools > Adjust Visual Settings > Uncheck Smooth edges of screen fonts.

soft edges of screen fonts

Using the ClearType key

Download and install the program on your computer, run it. In the program window, you can disable both or one of the options.

Download ClearType Switch

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