Take control of your USB drives with USB Disk Manager

The most common removable device through which viruses spread on computers these days is pen drive or USB flash drive, Windows Autorun offers the possibility for these viruses to easily get into users’ computers, which is not a surprise – it is because of This is why it is recommended to disable the autorun functionality in Windows for removable drives. There are several freeware portable utilities available on the Internet to protect USB drives and further prevent autorun viruses from running, USB Disk Managera freeware utility gives you more than you want to control your USB drives and protect your system from viruses.

Write-protect USB drives with USB Disk Manager

You may enable write protection for removable disks where you can restrict applications to only read files from thumb drives. You can disable write protection in USB Disk Manager preferences.

Deny running software from USB drives

You can prevent virus propagation through USB disks by selecting the ‘software execution denied’ option in the program window (by default, the Software execution is allowed option is set) so that no application or program is not run from the device.

deny software execution

Disable/enable USB removable disks: You can disable all your flash drives to prevent reading and writing to USB stripping disks, enabling this setting also prevents transferring files to and from the USB drive to your system.

USB Disk Manager provides read and write protection for the USB drive connected to the system running the program, and if you want these features for USB drives when connected to systems at the cybercafe or at your friend’s house, USBDM gives you the option from “automatically copy this application to USB disks like Autorun in your settings you can enable and this program will automatically run on a new machine.

USB Disk Manager Settings

After enabling any of the above options, you may need to reconnect your flash drive or restart your system for the changes to take effect.

USB Disk Manager works on Windows 7.

Download USB Disk Manager

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