‘There was a problem with the Google Earth plugin..’

you can explore Google Earth in three ways: on Desktop, Web and Mobile. You can install your app on Windows, Mac and Linux, on web browsers – Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer – you can install Google Earth Plugin, on Android and iOS devices, you can install your apps. The Google Earth browser plug-in allows you to browse and explore geographic data on a 3D globe and provides a user experience similar to the Google Earth application.

How do I remove the Google Earth plugin?

After installing the Earth plug-in on Windows, when visiting the plug-in page in Chrome or Firefox browser, an error may appear: ‘There was a problem with the Google Earth plug-in. Exit your browser (Cmd-Q on Mac; Alt-F X on Windows) and reopen this page to see it in action. If that doesn’t help, you can reinstall the Google Earth plugin using this link.’

If exiting the browser and reopening the plugin page doesn’t help, you can fix this in Chrome and Firefox browsers without reinstalling the Earth plugin, so follow the simple steps mentioned below.

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Fixing ‘There was a problem with the Google Earth plugin’ error

in Chrome

1. Visit about:plugins in the browser

2. Click on ‘Details’, scroll to the bottom, and for the ‘Google Earth’ plugin, check the ‘Always allowed’ checkbox,

3. Reload the Earth plugin page and you will see it in action this time without the error.

in Firefox

1. Open the Add-on Managers or visit the about:addons page, click on Plugins, select ‘Google Earth Plugin’ and choose ‘Always On’

2. Now visit Earth Plugin page, it will work.

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Note: If the plugin is installed correctly, the Google Earth plugin page will display “Good news, you already have the Google Earth plugin installed”. message that has nothing to do with the error we are talking about in the post. And you can’t install this plugin from Firefox when it’s open, make sure you install it from another browser like Chrome.

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