This extension makes the new Twitter more productive and less annoying

It is no longer possible to go back to the old twitter design now, although you can achieve this by spoofing the user agent or accessing the new twitter in Internet Explorer 11, the experience will not be great, what we say is welcome it and get used to it. An extension called “Productive Twitter” aims to bring a minimal theme to Twitter to make it better is now available for Firefox and Chrome browsers.

The new Twitter design that launched in July 2019 with three columns isn’t great, let’s face it – so much white space and distracting sidebar on the right with trends and “who to follow” stuff.

The Productive Twitter extension available for chrome and fire Fox browser removes all the stuff in the right sidebar except the search bar. The developer created the extension for personal use and published it in the Chrome and Firefox add-on stores after receiving requests from some users on Twitter.

New Twitter UI in Chrome after installing the Productive Twitter extension

The developer says that you will find their extension more useful if you use Twitter with the “background” and “Color” theme set to “Dim” and “Pink” respectively in the display settings. Here’s what you need to do after installing the extension.

1. Log in to Twitter with your username and password

2. Click More > View, select Dim and choose the color Pink.

Set twitter UI background and color to pink

Note: The extension also removes the Tweet button in the first column, use the “What’s going on” search field to post tweets.

Note Things in the right sidebar like Trending and Who to Follow and stuff can be blocked by the ad blocker but this extension also brings some tweaks to the UI, removes Twitter, try the Productive Twitter extension and let it Let us know you liked it or not in the comments below. The source code for the extension is available at Github check.

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