This is Chrome Screenshot Editor UI on Android

Google has been working on adding Chrome UI on Android for creating and sharing screenshots behind the Custom Share Sheet feature for some time now, Screenshot Editor is now available and working to some extent on Chrome Canary.

We reported that Chrome for Android is getting the custom sharing hub before, the feature has now been improved and includes the Screenshot feature along with Copy link, Send to your devices and Print options in the first row. The second row is filled with apps for you to share stuff.

Enable and Use Screenshot Editor in Chrome on Android

Make sure you are using the latest Chrome Canary

1. Visit the chrome://flags page

2. Search and enable the following flags

  • Screenshot of Chrome Share
  • Chrome sharing center

3. Restart the browser

4. Tap the menu icon, select Share

5. Tap Screenshot, you will notice the message of screenshot editor being installed

6. Chrome provides options to edit, delete, save and share a screenshot in the UI

Edit button is not working atm, using options, now you can save screenshot or delete current one shown in Screenshot Editor.

Screenshots will be saved to the Chrome downloads location on your device.

If you try to share a screenshot using the Share option, Chrome will fail, you will be warned.

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