Turn Pocket Recommendations On or Off in Firefox 57 New Tab Page

Mozilla released Firefox 57 with Quantum browser engine, Photon UI with square tabs, unified address and search bar, WebExtensions, tracking protection functionality and the new new tab page.

The redesigned new tab page in Firefox Quantum displays thumbnails of top sites, the search bar, highlights and snippets. Something’s missing? Yes! ‘Pocket Recommendations’ is currently only available to users located in the US, Canada and Germany.

Firefox 57: Recover the old page from the new tab

Mozilla integrates Pocket with Firefox Activity Stream

No need to wait for Mozilla to release the Recommended Pocket stories for your new Firefox tab, you can get them right now, here’s how.

Enable Pocket Recommend Stories for New Tab Page in Firefox 57

1. Visit about:config

2. Search for “topsites” and change browser.newtabpage.activity-stream.feeds.topsites preference value for real.

To disable ‘Pocket Recommended’ section in New Tab in Firefox Quantum, you need to change the above preference value to false.

Pocket launches new Chrome Tab extension to show Trending Stories on New Tab page

You can use Pocket without a Firefox account

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