Tweak Firefox and add more features to it with Sea Mod [Excellent Add-on]

Wow! we’ve been looking for this kind of Firefox extension for so long, March mod the best Firefox add-on I can say we’ve reviewed so far adds most of the features that Firefox doesn’t have, which can be enabled by installing 10 or more extensions separately as we feel, says the developer March mod “ adds several features and improvements to Firefox for Browsing, extension update, online translation, backup and makes some visual modifications “ and that’s true.

Mar Mod Firefox extension options/preferences

Appearance: Firefox menu button shrinks with Firefox text removed, the logo just appears and is aligned with the tab bar. If you click on the Firefox logo, the tweaked dropdown menu appears, which is more convenient with the addition of the reset button, “Addons” menu for faster access to installed add-ons without needing to open the add-on manager. ons, shows Downloading file size open with dialog.

March mod preferences

navigation settings

  • Undo closing tab with middle click
  • Add drop marker navigation
  • Enables the RSS icon removed from the address bar.
  • Allows to open specific URL/homepage/blank page in new tab

A translator : Mar Mod allows uses of online translators Google translator service, add translator button to toolbar and context menu, you can select your language in Translator tab by opening Mar Mod preferences window.

Backup: You can backup add-ons, preferences, passwords, bookmarks, Firefox extensions preferences by clicking perform backup button and you can restore your Firefox profile by clicking the “Restore Backup” button.

There’s more, you can access back, forward, reload, stop and bookmark options for a page from the context menu.

You can access all the above options in the extension options. We think it enables many features for Firefox and is a must-have add-on for any Firefox user.

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