Unchecky 1.0 is stable, shows warning tooltips for PUP checkboxes by default

Unchecky, first released as an experimental tool in 2013 to prevent installing potentially unwanted programs (PUPs) on your computer, has arrived. out of beta and Unchecked 1.0 stable version was released today and is available for everyday use. The developer says the tool has been used by over a million active users, who have potentially avoided PUPs.

Unchecked 1.0 stable

If you’re not familiar with Unchecky, this tool automatically unchecks unrelated software offers when installing a main program, so you don’t have to.

The latest version also shows alert tips for PUP checkboxes by default, so when you hover your mouse pointer over one, it displays a warning ‘By clicking here, you may install a program you have not installed; to intend’. The functionality of the tool was not limited to native installers, the developer extended PUP protection to offers displayed in browsers as well. Yes! Unchecky can now also combat offers in browsers.

Unchecked Warning Tooltip

If you avoided using unchecky because of the experimental status and the beta tag, it’s stable now, please download and give it a try.

the developer promises to add more installers support to the tool, you can download Unchecky by visiting the home page.

Changelog for the latest and greatest versions can be found at This page.

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