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For some time now, Mozilla has been working on a new user interface for Firefox and australis is the new theme they are going to use for Firefox, you may have heard and seen some mockups of the next Firefox UI and a to add is also available on AMO, it looks like the Mozilla UI team is close to completing the Australis tab shape for Firefox (Windows only), and you can see the Australis tab shape for Firefox by downloading a nightly build of on here.

These tabs are curved, once Firefox gets the Australis theme, you will see the panel-based application menu and other significant changes from the existing version of Firefox, so the Firefox menu button introduced in Firefox 4 will be dropped and you’ll get the panel-based application menu at the end of Firefox’s navigation bar, just like Chrome’s settings menu.

These guides appear pasted on the guide bar as live markers, when you hover your mouse pointer over other guides, these guides also appear in a curved shape.

Source: Jaws blog

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