View CHM Files in Firefox with ChmFox

Application developers often make their documentation available as help files through CHM i.e. compiled HTML files rather than PDFs, which can be easily opened on whatever Windows OS you are using with the built-in CHM Viewer (may not be sometimes on Windows 7), and if you are using Linux or Mac systems for view them, you need to install separate programs, instead you can use ChmFoxGenericName Firefox add-on that allows you to open CHM files directly in the Firefox browser.

Using ChmFox in Firefox

Download and install the ChmFox extension for Firefox and select the CHM file via explorer by selecting the Open File button from the File Menu (just use Ctrl + O, easy). Or you can drag and drop the CHM file into Firefox address bar and press enter to open.

You can show/hide index sidebar and content with shortcut “Ctrl+M”.

ChmFoxGenericName works on Windows, Linux and Mac.

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