Vista Services Optimizer adjusts services in Windows 7 based on the user profile you define

As we all know, by disabling unnecessary services that run on Windows, we can improve PC performance, unless you are an advanced/experienced user, it is not recommended to manually disable these services where Vista Service Optimizer (works on Windows 7 too) Freeware application tunes Windows services without needing any technical knowledge on your side.

Using Vista’s Service Optimizer

Download and install the program on your computer, uncheck to “install smart PC utilities toolbar” and “optimize your computer for maximum performance” (in the selection after installation you will be directed to Uniblue instant verification page) and click in finish button.

The VSP program window displays system information along with system drive usage, memory usage and CPU usage, where automatic snapshots and automatic updates are enabled by default.

VSO automatically creates Windows service settings snapshots that help restore Windows default settings at any time. The “More Functions” drop-down menu offers user profile, program options, snapshot creation and other options.

You need to configure service diagnostics and game mode once, after that you can switch between them easily.

Configuring service diagnostics

VSO offers several tabs for its settings after the initial window. Service Diagnostics allows you to configure the user profile according to your PC’s hardware and software. You need to configure the user profile once, just go through the Hardware, Security, Internet and Network, System Functions sections and select what you use and want. VSO has optimized your system based on the user profile you defined.

user profile

After everything is done click diagnose button in the Services Diagnostics window, once the Windows service diagnostics is completed, the VSP shows the services optimized and set to manual in the Diagnostic Results tab, you need to click the Fix button and start the diagnostics. Okay, Services Diagnostics is configured, now you will notice an improvement in PC performance.

service diagnosis

From Game modeyou can configure your game profile disabling hardware support for some devices, visual effects for windows, some windows functions and advanced settings. Everything you need to click the Check All button once and click switch to game mode, your game profile is ready. During game mode service, diagnostics will be suspended, you can switch to normal mode in game mode window.

rescue center Allows you to restore Windows services to their previous settings using a snapshot, reset Windows services to their defaults, configure service settings using the Service Manager.

Vista Service Optimizer works on Windows Vista/7.

Download Vista Service Optimizer

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