Vivaldi adds Calculator to Quick Commands, will you use it?

After adding support for user profiles, a new Vivaldi snapshot version 2.4 released today added basic calculator to quick commands and allows users to further customize the toolbar.

Calculator in Quick Commands? Can’t we use Google for the same? Here’s our answer. Vivaldi’s address bar isn’t as powerful or feature-packed as Chrome’s Omnibox. The latter shows rich entity responses and suggestions as you type, in Vivaldi’s case the story is different: you need to open a new tab and visit Google Search.


Vivaldi 2.4 adds calculator to quick commands

Instead, now, you can just press F2 to open Quick Commands and try some additions or multiplications.

QC shows the answers right away without the need to hit enter (check out the screenshot above), cool! Is not? And by selecting the entry below the answer, you can see Google’s answer on your search results page as well as a new tab.

Another thing besides fixing a critical vulnerability discovered in Chrome that was exploited in the wild, the snapshot allows for more customization of the toolbar, you can now move the home, back, forward, backward and forward buttons before the address toolbar holding the Shift button.

Whenever you can reset the toolbar to default state, for that, right click on any toolbar button and select Customize and choose “Reset toolbar to default” or the same option too is available under Settings.

What is your opinion on these developments?

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