Vivaldi browser 2.4 adds much-needed user profile support

Vivaldi announced support for user profiles in version 2.4 on his blog and it is enabled by default for Windows, Mac, Linux platforms with additional new features and fixes for regressions found in the previous snapshot.

We report that user profiles and guest browsing support in Vivaldi is available on the Vivaldi://experiments page for testing in the Snapshot version, where you need to visit the mentioned page and enable the experimental user profile management feature, this is not most needed in the most recent snapshot.

Google Chrome and Firefox have supported multiple user profiles since ages, Vivaldi technologies added it recently. Why do you need a browser that supports creating separate profiles?

  1. One reason is privacy, you don’t want to share your browsing history with other people who use your computer.
  2. Each profile has different extensions, speed dials, bookmarks, history, cookies, etc.
  3. You can create different profiles for you for your work and for your home and also for your family members.
  4. New people can use the guest window to browse things
  5. Respected desktop shortcuts will be created for each person when you create a new profile, for example if you create another profile in Vivaldi, by default the user ‘Person 2’ will be created and the shortcut will be available on the desktop for access.

Vivaldi 2.4 snapshot gets user profiles, guest mode support

Discovery: Until now you can create a new profile with command line by specifying a profile directory path, which is no longer needed, the user profile icon will be visible in the toolbar to get started. If you’ve used Chrome, you’re already familiar with the Profiles stuff and no introduction is needed. However, check the article below in detail if you don’t know where to start and remember that you no longer need to visit the experiments page to activate user profiles, it is on by default.

If you are just a user using Vivaldi, it is currently not possible to remove the profile icon from the toolbar as the feature is enabled and cannot be disabled and has no effect on Vivaldi when you visit the experiments page and uncheck ‘User Profile Management’ option.

Vivaldi browser now supports multiple profiles and guest browsing

Ctrl+J shortcut for Vivaldi downloads: Vivaldi already lets you sort downloads by type and displays download information in the dedicated sidebar panel, is missing a shortcut to open and view downloads so far? Vivaldi now offers Ctrl+J shortcut, just like Chrome, check it out Vivaldi user profiles support blog posting for more details.

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