What is Firefox Default Browser Agent and how to disable it?

From Firefox 75 onwards, with each Firefox installation, Mozilla will run a scheduled task on Windows called “Default Browser Agent” to collect information about the default browser configuration of users’ operating system, the maker of Firefox believes this helps them understand user choices and engage with them when they’re not actively running Firefox. last month Mozilla he said the scheduled task has passed the data review.

If you install the version of Firefox released on April 7, 2020, the Firefox installer will create a Default Browser Agent application and a scheduled task to run the agent. The following information will be sent as a background telemetry ping to Mozilla once every 24 hours.

Firefox channel name, version number, Windows OS version, OS_ locale, current default_browser and previous default browser.

You can find the agent and the scheduled task in the following locations on your computer.

C:Program FilesMozilla Firefox

Task Scheduler > Task Scheduler Library > Mozilla

Disable Firefox’s Default Browser Agent

If data collection aka telemetry or agent preference is disabled in Firefox, the browser will respect it (as well as the policy if you create one to disable your scheduled task) and will not send your Windows OS default browser data to the Mozilla. That is why,

I. 1. Visit about: config

2. Search by agent, in the highlighted search results, change default-browser-agent.enabled preference value for false.

II. 1. Click Menu > Options > Privacy & Security > Firefox Data Collection and Use

2. Uncheck everything, done.

Bonus: See how you can delete the scheduled task.

1. Click on the Start menu, search for Task Scheduler, open it

2. Expand Task Scheduler Library > Mozilla, select the Firefox Default Browser Agent task

3. Click disable or delete.

Mozilla believes that telemetry is a way to understand default browser trends to improve your browser.

Telemetry collection is a way to ensure that we can understand default browser trends in a way that helps us improve Firefox. We hope that by better understanding our users and their choices regarding browser preferences, we can continue to build a better Firefox.

Here’s how you can make Firefox browser default on Windows 10:

1. Open Settings > Applications > Default Applications > Web Browser

2. Click on the browser displayed and select “Firefox” to make it default.

Recently, after switching to Chromium, Edge overtook Firefox to become the second most used browser in the world with 7.59% and Firefox dropped to third place with 7.19%

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