Windows 10 available in India, costs Rs. 7,999, Pro Rs 14,999

Microsoft has made Windows 10 free upgrade available for Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 users, if you are using a Mac or (planning to buy) a built-in PC (in the future) or Windows XP or Vista, you need to buy Windows 10. Microsoft announced Windows 10 pricing for Home and Pro editions in India. They are Rs 7,999 and Rs.14,999 respectively.

You can buy Windows 10 Home or Pro version in India by visiting Microsoft Official Online Store at http://www.microsoftstore.comyou will be redirected to This page.

Buy Windows 10 Home or Pro Editions in India online at Microsoft Store

initial edition

Buy Windows 10 Home Edition (click buy Windows 10 (download))

professional editing

Buy Windows 10 Pro Edition (click buy Windows 10 (download)).

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