Windows 10 October Patch Tuesday Update Resolves Chrome and Firefox Browser Print Faults

Both Google and Mozilla noticed an increase in print failures in Chrome and Firefox browsers with the recent Windows 10 update, teams were relieved after the Patch Tuesday update resolved the issue.

Microsoft recently recognized the updates they published for various versions of Windows 10 caused “intermittent problems printing”. This affected all apps on Windows 10, including Chrome and Firefox, and caused them to close or crash when an attempt was made to print.

Apparently, the spike in print failures was noticed by Google and Mozilla in their browsers, confirmed 18% of Firefox launch failures are triggered because of this. Meanwhile, the Chromium team is unaware of what triggered the issue as they haven’t made any changes to the codebase.

An insect was created by a user reporting that “Chrome crashes when I try to print after the last windows update”, other users in the thread also confirmed that they are also facing the same, one of them said, uninstalling KB4524148 update made the printer work correctly for him .

On October 8, 2019, as part of Patch Tuesday, Microsoft released updates for Windows 10 and confirmed the latest cumulative update fixed the printing issue.

Addresses an issue with applications and printer drivers that use the Windows JavaScript engine (jscript.dll) to process print jobs.

Chromium team closed the matter like Won’tFix saying “since the latest Windows update was released to resolve the issue, and there have been no reports of this issue in the last 24 hours in this bug tracker. Status is set to WontFix because Chromium has not made any code changes for this issue.”

Mozilla reporter too express the same “first indication we have in the initial failure data of installs with the October Win10 patch applies (OS build 18362.418) looks like the print crash issue has indeed been resolved. ”

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