Windows 8 Themes Won’t Work on Windows 7

As you know that Microsoft released Consumer Preview for Windows 8 last week, Microsoft also released its first theme for Windows 8 CP users, you should know that this theme cannot be installed on Windows 7, however all themes Windows 7 will work on Windows 8 DP or CP.

Windows 8 themes cannot be installed on Windows 7 PCs

If you’re interested in knowing the reason behind it, here’s what Microsoft had to do. tell : “all of our Windows 7 themes also work on Windows 8. But the reverse is not true. Themes created in Windows 8 format will not work on Windows 7 because Windows 8 introduces some new desktop customization features that are not supported on Windows 7 and the file format is different.”

If we leave aside the new desktop customization features in Windows 8, we find that the Windows 7 themepack file is of type “themepack”, while that of Windows 8 is of type “desktopthemepack”. I tried to change the Windows 8 theme extension from “desktopthemepack” to “themepack”, but I couldn’t install it.

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