Windows Defender Hub app for Windows 10 available in the Store

Launch Windows Defender It is quite a difficult task for users of Windows 10 as Windows does not show its icon on the desktop or in the start menu. There are other ways to open the built-in antivirus: click the Windows key and type defender, click the best match, or right-click the Windows Defender icon in the system tray and select ‘Open’.

Microsoft accepted the problem and released a free app, Windows Defender Center in the Windows Store for this purpose. This app does not need a signature nor does it contain nagware.

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Windows Defender Hub App for Windows 10

You can use Defender Hub for quick access to Windows Defender. In addition, this application, once installed, also displays Microsoft security information about the latest malware, viruses and security trends, even if you use another antivirus on your computer.

You may download Windows Defender Hub from on here.

Do you install this application from Microsoft to open Windows Defender? Did you find it difficult to open Windows built-in anti-malware? Let us know in the comments

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