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Gmail and Facebook both offer recent account activity to monitor your logins and allow you to change your password or take necessary action if someone gains control of your account from elsewhere, Yahoo has now enabled “Recent Login Activity” not only for Yahoo Mail, but also for use on the Yahoo network.

when viewing Recent login activity for your Yahoo account, You can monitor your account logins and change your password, configure your yahoo login badge or update your account security questions if any suspicious login events are highlighted by an “alert” icon.

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To access the “Login Activity” page, log into your yahoo account and navigate to Yahoo Account Information and click View your recent login activity link.

Users can click the “Location” drop-down menu and select the “IP Address” based view. Users can also view the source of login events such as browser, Yahoo! Messenger app or mobile device. You can read more about this feature on here.

But Yahoo doesn’t allow you to log out of other sessions remotely like Gmail, Facebook also allows its users now.

Yahoo suggests future security features for Yahoo, such as two-factor authentication, proactive login alerts, and suggested strong password. [Via]

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