Yahoo Mail offers desktop notifications and lets you block emails from a specific sender

Yahoo mail now supports desktop notifications. Yahoo announced two new features, desktop notifications and blocking. Gmail supports desktop notifications in Chrome browser, we explain how to add it to Firefox browser for Google Mail.

Recently, the Yahoo Mail app for Windows 10 was released with desktop notifications and live tile feature, available in the Windows Store.

Today, Yahoo has globally released desktop notifications for your email users, they are not enabled by default, here is how you can enable them in Firefox, Chrome or safari browsers.

Enabling desktop notifications in Yahoo Mail

1. Login to Yahoo Mail with your username and password,

2. Click the gear icon, select Settings, check ‘enable desktop notifications’.

Yahoo email settings enable desktop notifications option

3. Click on the ‘Save’ button

When Chrome shows a notification in the URL bar, click ‘Allow’, you’re done.

When you receive new messages, they will appear on the side of the screen on the desktop.

This is important: These notifications only appear for you when Yahoo mail is open in an inactive browser tab.

Yahoo Mail allows you to block messages from a specific sender

Recently Gmail allowed users to block specific email addresses, now Yahoo. Along with desktop notifications, Yahoo introduced a Block feature currently implemented for US users, will soon be available for international users.

“Now that you can receive notifications for your emails, we want to make sure that you are only receiving emails from senders that are important to you. The Block feature makes it easy to eliminate annoying emails from a specific sender.”

Yahoo Mail blocking messages from a specific sender

“The block is located in the “More” drop-down menu available in your inbox or when you have an email open. You have the option to block future emails from the selected sender and automatically delete all existing emails from the sender – so you don’t have to manually search, select and delete emails you don’t want.”

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