You can now install PowerToys from Windows 11 Microsoft Store

With Windows 11 launch approaching, after Microsoft Edge, Microsoft released PowerToys for Microsoft Store. So you no longer need to visit Github to download and install it. It’s your turn to use utilities and improve productivity in Windows 11.

What is PowerToys?

Have you heard of PowerToys? They used to be available for Windows 95, but Microsoft has recently updated them for Windows 10 for advanced users to customize, improve their experience and productivity in the operating system.

PowerToys collection includes awesome Windows utilities like Awake, Color Picker, FancyZones, PowerToys Run PowerReanme, Fancyzones, Shortcut Guide, VideoConference Mute.

The team at Microsoft and PowerToys redesigned PowerToys and PowerToys PowerRename to match the look and feel of Windows 11.

How to download PowerToys?

1. Go to PowerToys launch page on Github
2. Click Assets, then click the PowerToys configuration file to download the PowerToys installer.

Github is for developers where they host their apps. For end users, it’s an unfamiliar place.

The process of discovering and downloading the PowerToys installation file can be difficult for users who don’t know how to navigate project files on Github.

Install PowerToys through the Microsoft Store

This issue is now resolved with the availability of PowerToys in the Microsoft Store. Do Note, you need Windows 11.

Microsoft might also bring PowerToys to the Windows 10 Store, but it might take time.

One of the benefits of using the Store App means that it updates automatically without requiring user action, however in the case of PowerToys, as in the initial listing, the following is

  • PowerToys runs its regular installer
  • It needs additional permissions during installation. For example, you might need to accept the UAC dialog to install the app on Windows 11.
  • Also, PowerToys are not automatically updated by the store.

These things may change in the future.

After installation, search for “PowerToys” under Start and launch it. When opening the Settings, you will be prompted to run PowerToys as an administrator, click the “Restart” button. in the Settings window.
PowerToys installed from Microsoft Store on Windows 11

Note: PowerToys on Store and Github work the same, contain an equal number of utilities. The Microsoft Store is just another destination/source to download PowerToys.

If you are using the Windows 11 dev channel, give the app:

Which PowerToys utility do you like the most and use in your daily workflow? Let us know in the comments below.

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